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How Does the Tracking System for Couriers, Parcels, and Packages Work?

It is critical for a smooth e-Commerce buying experience to get the goods to the client as soon as possible. And here is when a competent courier service comes in handy. But have you ever considered the technique for tracking couriers and products dispatched by internet sellers?

Let us look at how Maahi courier services operate to create a flawless package tracking system that allows them to deliver the goods to the customer's location within the time range specified.

Monitoring a package or courier is a time-consuming procedure of localizing packages and containers, as well as various goods during sorting and delivery. It is beneficial to confirm their activity and source, as well as to have an estimate of the projected delivery date. The major goal of this parcel monitoring system is to give clients information about the package's path, delivery status, projected arrival date, and estimated delivery time.

Furthermore, buyers have an understanding of their items, which relieves them of tension. With billions of goods being transported through courier, it is critical to keep track of them and eliminate incidents of loss or maltreatment.

Because of the complex technological platforms that they currently employ, tracking systems have grown incredibly sophisticated. You will be able to track your shipment even if it is hundreds of kilometers distant with a single click of the mouse.


  • Package tracking using GPS
  • Scanning bar codes for a true chain of custody
  • Capturing electronic signatures
  • Email alerts in real time
  • Online delivery ordering and tracking system
  • Integration with your apps that is automated
  • Package photo verification

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